Special developments:
Designing light

The highest demands require exclusive lighting. Form and function determine development at Aspöck to an equal extent. Whether for buses or for special vehicles of all types, such as fire brigade, rescue services and police vehicles, we provide individual design possibilities with the latest state of the art technologies. New functionalities, designs, installation possibilities - in close collaboration with our customer, we develop solutions which convince!

Workpoint Advanced 2000 + 4000

This series is built for particularly harsh environments, has an impact-resistant lens and a heat sink made of special aluminium with remarkable corrosion resistance.


Its reflector shells arranged in a hexagon are aesthetically pleasing, innovative and timeless. The six large reflector surfaces can reproduce three different flash patterns.

Universial lighting systems

Effective lighting systems for optimum light scatter in versatile areas. Energy-saving by means of intelligent LED technology.

Special vehicles

The best lighting for every deployment situation – regardless of whether day or night, because visibility means safety.

City buses and travel coaches

Special developments in coordination with the vehicle not only increase safety but also set new standards in design.


Renowned manufacturers are included amongst our customers