Aspöck TPMS

27. Nov. 2023


Safety for both driver and vehicle is the focus of all developments at Aspöck Systems. The next generation of tyre pressure monitoring systems – Aspöck TPMS – not only reduces the risk of accidents, it also extends the service life of the tyre and significantly minimises fuel costs and CO2 emissions. It must be implemented as original equipment for vehicle classes O3 and O4 from 1 July 2024.

Did you know that low air pressure is the cause of around 90% of all flat tyres and that tyres account for as much as 30% of the fuel consumption of a vehicle? With these figures in mind, you quickly see that huge amounts of resources are currently being wasted. By monitoring the tyre pressure, you can get the most out of your fleet – a communicative group of sensors takes care of this check for you.


Quick and easy mounting.

From customised initial programming with a hand tool to automatic teach-in of new sensors with the Auto Locate function during retrofitting or repairs, the TPMS can be mounted quickly and easily. The monitoring system is compatible with the EBS systems of all well-known producers, which is a major logistical advantage for vehicle manufacturers. With its expertise, Aspöck Systems creates individualised cabling solutions that are specially manufactured to meet customer requirements.

The sensors are attached to the rim, either to internal valves or to a belt, and enable precise monitoring of tyre pressure and temperature. The Aspöck TPMS is in constant communication with the towing vehicle and warns the driver if a tyre is below its normal pressure or above its normal temperature. A warning signal is then triggered in real time and shown on the display of the towing vehicle.The reliable safety system is in line with UN ECE-R 141 and complies with the European General Safety Regulation (GSR).