New spare parts catalogue for trucks and trailers

26. Jun. 2017

+++ more than 1,100 items +++ everything at a glance +++ easy search +++ user-friendly through uniform symbols for product features

The spare parts catalogue by the Aspöck Group for trucks and trailers is now available. Over 1,100 different items are attractively presented across over 280 pages. This newly-prepared catalogue by the international manufacturer of vehicle lighting comprises not only a comprehensive range of lighting, but also the associated plug connectors and numerous accessory items.

During the design of the spare parts catalogue, great value has been placed on clarity and ease of handling. Therefore, product features are mainly represented through pictograms in grid format. Important information is thus visible at a glance, and this also facilitates easy comparison. The explanation of the symbols is always to hand, as it is located on the last page as a fold-out, which can also be used as a bookmark. The register sheet simplifies the search for product groups and speeds up the search for a product.

One of the biggest advantages of this catalogue is the uniform structure and the pictures of the products and accessory items, as not only the lights are depicted, but also the associated spare parts and accessory items. The simple search and fast recognition of suitable, replaceable Aspöck products can therefore be guaranteed. In addition, a list is shown in the form of images to indicate which accessory components are available under which item number.

There is also a connector overview in the catalogue for further information. Here all Aspöck connection elements are clearly listed.

The catalogue is available via Aspöck trade partners. The sales network of the Aspöck Group is shown on >link , as well as the digital version of the new spare parts catalogue below.

New spare parts catalogue for trucks and trailers