Innovative lighting for small and medium-sized pickup trucks

09. May. 2017

+++ new segment +++ system solutions with compact lights and customer-specific wiring +++ simple “plug & play” installation

The Austrian vehicle lighting manufacturer Aspöck Systems is extending its business segment and entering the small and medium-sized pickup truck class. The company represents a competent and innovative partner, offering system solutions in the field of lighting and wiring.

The product range of the lighting specialists includes lights of a small, compact construction which are ideally suited for use on superstructures. Due to the low spatial requirements of the lighting, the transport volume can be utilised to its full extent. Selecting the product from the existing range guarantees that the lights fulfil the highest quality standards, as they are already tried and tested.

The electrical wiring is also produced at the Aspöck plant. Years of experience and innovative technology make Aspöck Systems the pioneers of system solutions. Customer-specific cable trees are adapted to the specific vehicles and then produced in line production. In this way, interface problems are avoided, as everything is produced and tested from a single source. The installation takes place in accordance with the fast and simple “plug & play” principle.

The company collaborates closely with the trailer and superstructure manufacturer Schmitz Cargobull, which is launching the new van body kit V.KO Dry onto the market with lighting by Aspöck Systems. This body kit is equipped with front and rear navigation lights by Aspöck Systems. The third brake light is integrated into the profile, and an LED ceiling light with motion sensor is mounted in the interior. The wiring of the optional rear view camera is also conducted by Aspöck Systems.