SMCG - Side marker control gear

08. Nov. 2018

SMCG - Side Marker Control Gear - is the control for blinking side marker lights (SML). It was developed as a solution to the revised law ECE 48 to Rev. 6. This requirement states that, for O3 and O4 vehicles, the side-marker lamps shall be flashing in accordance with the flashing device of the towing vehicle.The safety during turning for all road users is increasing significantly. Aspöck Systems offers individual solutions for the control of the SML, which avoids the attachment of at least three category 5 lamps:

Solution 1 – SMCG
This separate wiring with included circuit connects the tail light over the adapter to the side marker light cost-effectively.

Solution 2 - SMCG relay
This electronic flashing circuit in a relay is designed for installation in an Aspöck distributor or in an Aspöck rear light (Europoint III, Europoint II and Ecopoint II).

Both SMCG's convince with the simple mounting in an existing Aspöck Systems lighting system.