DC system - installation instructions video

03. Jun. 2019

The DC system developed by Aspöck is the link between the lamp and supply cable. This connection can be used in many ways. The sophisticated system made Aspöck the market leader in the field of car trailers. The main area of application is the supply of all single-function lamps such as navigation lights, side marker lamps and number plate lights. A huge advantage is the silicon seal, which allowed us to reach protection class IP69K and therefore offer constant protection against dirt and water.

The system connection is flexible, as the cable can be connected at any point - as long as it is in compliance with the installation instructions. This makes it possible to configure and extend the DC system as needed.  Thanks to the compact dimensions, small bore holes on the chassis (or the vehicle) are enough for the installation of any required cable ducts.

The Aspöck product family can light up a wide range of vehicles with this connection system.