Aspöck logo adorns new LASK jerseys

14. May. 2024

As a LASK Premium Partner Plus and Lodge Partner, we took our involvement in regional sports promotion to the next level last year. Our common Upper Austrian roots unite us. Tradition, innovation and quality are values that drive us both in what we do. Fuelled by the great passion for football that Karl Aspöck feels for his favourite club, the additional logo placement can be equated to a strengthening pat on the back.

We have grown into a multinational group in the vehicle lighting sector. Sport brings people together - both privately and in business. Naturally, we utilise the network of the Upper Austrian economic region, the excellent infrastructure and the central location of the Raiffeisen Arena. Personal contact at eye level is successful in the Aspöck Loge, both in business terms and internally.

Visibility is not just a buzzword when it comes to our Aspöck product world. Making ourselves even more visible to the outside world is therefore part of our success. Conveying the joy of movement by setting an example and facilitating joint team success is fully in line with our long-standing company philosophy.