Kögel Road Safety Assistence System

27. Sep. 2022

Kögel Trailer GmbH, together with Aspöck Systems and the new start-up Flasher GmbH, developed a concept that puts road safety in centre stage. The focus is on all vulnerable road users, such as cyclists.

The main task of the Kögel Road Safety assistance system is to send a signal to the cyclist as soon as the truck next to them turns right. This means that the cyclist, who is in the blind spot of the truck driver at this moment, can be warned in time. This considerably reduces the probability that an accident will occur due to the truck driver’s turning movement and the cyclist remains unharmed.

The entire project demonstrates a spirit of innovation and originality. It also won first place in the “Safety” category of the Trailer Innovation 2023 industry award. Congratulations to the entire development team!