45 Years Aspöck Systems

16. May. 2022


This year we are looking back at the last 45 years of Aspöck Systems history.

We travel back to the year 1977, where we find Felix Aspöck in his small inventor’s workshop at the Peuerbach site. Who would have thought back then that this one-person operation would turn into a group of companies with eight sales subsidiaries in France, England, Sweden, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Germany and Brazil?

The headquarters in Austria has also been expanded nine times over the years, and our other production sites in Europe have also undergone expansion. In addition, the product portfolio of Aspöck Systems has multiplied over the years and the truck & trailer, agricultural, automotive, motorcycle and caravan segments have experienced strong growth.

We are constantly developing our products and trying to improve in every single step we take. From this standpoint, we look forward to all other upcoming anniversaries and are full of confidence for a successful future.